Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Goodbye 2016 - Hello 2017!

Well, here we are into our second week of January, 2017 so I thought I better get a new update on our travels before this old mind of mine decided to file those memories away, deep into some unknown area of my ever-greying grey matter.

When we last left you, we were preparing to leave Oliver Lee State Park near Alamogordo to make our way over to Carlsbad to spend Christmas with friends Chuck and Nettie, and we did just that.

Chuck and Nettie have a lease-lot through Escapees (an RV association) at a place called “The Ranch”.  It is located almost midway between Carlsbad and Artesia, NM.  Non-Escapees members are not allowed to camp there unless a current member invites them, and then the stay is 2 weeks maximum.  What’s neat about this place, is that when an Escapee member is “gone” and their lot is empty, the Association is allowed to rent their space out. As luck would have it, the lot right next door to Chuck & Nettie’s was empty, so that’s where we parked our rig for two full weeks.

Stock Photo

It was nice to see our friends again, as the last time (and first time) our paths crossed was when we were up at Eagle’s Nest.  We spent several evenings sitting with them and getting caught up on where we’ve both been, etc.  Christmas Eve brought everyone in the park together for a Christmas Eve party of snacks, singing, the telling of the Christmas Story and even a White Elephant Gift Exchange that proved to be comical to watch.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen bottles of wine get taken from one hand to another so many times!

On Christmas Day, there was a park dinner that would have satisfied the most pickiest of eaters; Smoked Pork, Smoke Brisket (both sliced and shredded), and an array of sides to compliment.  Oh, and desserts as well of course. A very good time was had by all and Barbara and I enjoyed the opportunity to sit with other members of the park and learn a little about them.  It was all nice.

While staying at The Ranch, Barbara and I made a trip to the Carlsbad Caverns.  We both had been there before but it’s such a fascinating place that if one’s in the area, it’s a must see.  There are two ways in and out of the caves; by elevator and also by the natural entrance (which requires walking down to the 800 feet depth….or up to get out.  For some reason, we chose to take the elevators down.

Every time I've seen this formation it seems more excited to see me.  ;-)

After hiking through the cave we were going to take the elevator back up, but the line was long and I had heard that the wait time was about 2 hours.  So we chose to leave the caverns by going out the natural entrance…. all 800+ feet up…and up… and up.  Whew! Talk about a workout.  Hindsight told me that we should have hiked DOWN and then taken the elevator back UP!

Going UP!

Natural Entrance... or "Exit" in our case!

There wasn’t anything “official” planned at The Ranch for New Years so we just stayed in the RV, watched the NYC Time Square Ball bring in the New Year (2 hours early for us!) and pretty much called it a night.  2017, here we come!

The Pecos River runs through Carlsbad and every year they have what is called “Christmas on the Pecos”.  Homes all along a stretch of the river decorate their yards.  For $15 each, you can purchase a seat on a pontoon boat that shuttles you up the river and then back down to view the festive lights.  Barbara and I did just that and it was a really enjoyable time.  Cold, but enjoyable.  Wind chill was probably in the mid to upper 30s.  The only photos that I took were with my phone so the quality has a lot to be desired, but you get the gist of it.  Very beautiful evening.


The only downside to our stay was auto related.  We needed to get a new radiator for the car.  Chuck came though for us big-time by making a bunch of trips into Carlsbad, hauling us back and forth to get the job done.  Not sure what we’d have done if we had been there and not have known anyone.  We were truly blessed in that respect!  

Saying our goodbyes to Chuck and Nettie, we headed “La Casita” back westerly on Monday, January second.  First stop was Monday night, at a Walmart, so no need for photos.  :-)  Our second stop, on Tuesday afternoon, was at Gilbert Ray Campground in Tuscon, AZ.

We spent two nights there, checking out the sunsets and the Saguaro Cactus. Man, are those things impressive!  Here’s an interesting thing about Saguaros; They can grow to be over 40 feet tall and lives for more than 150 years! It’s a SLOW grower, as it can take 10 years for a Saguaro to reach 1 inch in height!  By 70 years of age it can reach 6 1/2 feet tall and by 95-100 years of age, it can be a height of 15-25 feet and THEN “could” start to produce it’s first arm. I think information like that is what makes these giants of the desert so awesome to me. Talk about longevity and endurance!

I also managed to do a bit of Goodwill shopping there and from what little time I had in Tuscon, it’s a MUST RETURN place for me!  Very eclectic city.

Leaving Tuscon, we drove over towards the Phoenix area to camp at The Lost Dutchman State Park for four days.  It's actually in Apache Junction.  All of the electric sites were by reservation only and the place was FULL of campers. We felt really fortunate to find a dry-camp sight and honestly, I don’t think we could have picked a better spot if we had planned it.  We were up close with the Superstition Mountains literally in our back yard. 

Our Superstition Mountains Campsite

While there we drove up into the mountains (not The Superstition Mountains) and did a little sightseeing.  There’s even a lake up there, Canyon Lake, and the boaters (both fishing and power) were out on the water enjoying the beautiful weather.

We left The Superstitions on Monday and headed off for our original destination of Quartzite, AZ for the annual RV Gathering and that is where I am currently sitting as I write this blog entry.  We’ve traveled over 800 miles since we left Carlsbad on Jan, 2nd.  We’ll be here for the better part of the month, experiencing encampments such as The Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (there now) and meeting up with the Lazy Daze groups as well.  Quartzite has a normal population of about 3,600 residents but during January and February, that population well exceeds the hundreds of thousands!  Yee Haa.  LOL  There will be plenty of things to see and do as we dry-camp out here in the desert and I look forward to sharing all of that with you soon.

We really hope that you enjoy reading our blog and that you’ll continue to hang in there with us as we travel around, seeing what this great country has to offer and as we experience the full-time RV Lifestyle.  Who knows, perhaps you’ll catch the bug and decide to join us on the road some day!  That would be awesome!

Take care and thanks for reading,

Bud & Barbara


  1. Hey Bud, Looks like Christmas in the West is beautiful. I'm disappointed no pictures of food, that always seems to be your favorite subject before it disappears from the table. Looks like you need to hop a plane back here for this summers ride. You could then just keep riding from Alabama to New Mexico. You must see everything imaginable at Quartzite. Post some pictures of the more unusable rigs. Are you planning to venture outside of New Mexico this summer to escape the heat and see more of the West? Is New Mexico feeling more and more like the place you would ultimately settle down? As always Take Care - Bill

  2. Hi Bill.

    Christmas in NM was nice and yes, was colorful at times. Just like Ohio minus the snow, unless one went to the mountains. 😃

    We're in Arizona now. That's where Quartzite is, not far from the California border.

    Right now our plans are to stay in AZ and explore the southern half of it. We'll eventually work our way back to NM as things there start warming back up. It's always been at the top of my list to settle down at.... if I have to settle down. LOL

    Not sure Alabama bike ride will work for me. I do plan flying back to Ohio late September to visit family and friends but won't insure and tag the bike for the short time I'm there. My guess is, we may RV back to Ohio in 2018 to sell off stuff in storage... if we're still doing what we're doing.

    Thanks for the note!