Sunday, October 18, 2015

New Blog, First Post

Our first official post in our new blog.

Our plans continue to move along towards the ultimate goal of full-time RV'ing with a departure date of sometime in May 2016.  As many of you know we made the decision to do this early this year and bit-by-bit each of the steps to make this happen have come together pretty well, so we take that as a sign that this is "meant to be".  When we listed the house for sale we had multiple offers immediately and that was finally all resolved at the end of Sept.  We have moved into an apartment and continue to whittle away at the stuff we still need to get rid of.   We both feel greatly relieved to no longer own a house and there are many benefits that we like about living in an apartment, but the one big thing we don't like is the noise coming from other neighbors.  Oh well!

Since we are now settled into our apartment we've decided to head out for about a month to enjoy our RV one more time before winter settles in.  We're heading south into TN to spend some time in the Smoky Mts and then head just a few hours West to a TN State Park known for their many waterfalls.  The weather could be (probably will be) rather chilly at night but we have an on-board heater as well as a small cube electric heater so we'll be fine.  We're just really looking forward to some down time after all the busyness of the last 4 1/2 months.  Dismantling your life is hard work.  

We'll send out another post either during our trip or near the end.  Nothing too long or wordy but just enough to give a flavor of what we've been up to.  We hope you will continue to follow along.  To get an email notification of a new post just enter your email address above and to the right where it says, "follow by email"   Thanks and stay tuned.....

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